Writing Exercise

Tools For Developing Fine Motor Skills

10 Delightful Song Exercises
Set to Favorite Tunes

For preschool and K-third children.

Appropriate Ages For Pencil Gymnastics

The program is designed for small children (as young as three years), though there is no upper
age limit.

Pen, Marker and Crayon Gymnastics too!

Special students, including those with disabilities (autism spectrum, Down’s syndrome, etc.) will
benefit from Pencil Gymnastics.

Writing Exercise Music

Pencil Gymnastics Includes

The Pencil Gymnastics Workbook

  • 10 Pencil Exercises, designed to help children and students get Fine Motor Fit
  • 4 Bonus Exercises and Worksheets

The Pencil Gymnastics CD

    Favorites, rewritten and recorded for Pencil Gymnastics. These songs help children engage in the learning and exercise process and enhance visual motor skills.


Pencil Gymnastics Program

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